Peter Catalano“Nasopore, as a resorbable nasal dressing that can also serve as a medication carrier for topical drug elution, has been one of the major advances in contemporary rhinology and has completely changed what is possible for our patients. One such example is the office application of Kenalog soaked Nasopore applied to the middle meatus which has markedly reduced the need for oral steroid therapy in these patients.”

- Dr Peter J Catalano, Boston USA, MD, FACS, FARS – Chief of Otolaryngology, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Professor of Otolaryngology, Tufts University School of Medicine, Medical Director of Research,Vice President of Surgical Services, Steward Health Care

Dr.Dipak Ranjan Nayak“I routinely use this bio-degradable synthetic material especially the Nasopore forte plus following endoscopic sinus surgery. I insert these medicated dressing in the middle meatus, near sinus ostia, following endoscopic sinus surgery and in draft-III and draft-II procedure to pack the frontal sinus sinus cavity. I also find it extremely useful as a packing material for endoscopic septoturbinoplasty. The patient can get discharged in the same or next day and need not have to come for pack removal till he is asked to come for follow-up”. Also I find them useful for ear surgery like Tympanoplasty and Canal wall down mastoid surgery.”

- Dr.Dipak Ranjan Nayak, Manipal, India – Prof. and former HOD, Kasturba Medical College

Prof Murthy PSN“I have been using the nasopore in sinonasal surgery since last two years and I am very happy about the results and outcome. We have also used the nasopore in the AOI Southzone Conference held at Vijayawada in October 2012. Nasopore makes the postoperative cavity management easier.”

- Prof Murthy PSN, Vijayawada, India – Professor & HOD/ENT-HNS/Dr.PSIMS&RF/Gannavaram/Senior Consultant/ENT-HNS/Manipal Hospitals/Vijayawada

Prof. Mohan Kameswaran“Nasopore, is a novel bio-degradable nasal dressing that has entered the Indian Rhinology practise recently with great promise due to its special resorbable property, which obviates the need for its removal after endoscopic placement. Our clinical experience with Nasopore has proved its safety and efficacy with regards to hemostatic property, adequate tamponade effect and protection against formation of adhesions and synechiae at follow up. Patient satisfaction while using Nasopore is excellent. Nasopore has a promising future, since the prospect of using it as a drug eluting medium is being researched and this has initiated new treatment modalities for a spectrum of Rhinological conditions.”

- Prof. Mohan Kameswaran, Chennai, India – DSc, MS, FRCS (Ed), FAMS, FICS, DLO

Dr Sanjiv Badhwar“I have been using Nasopore for the past two years for various applications in Rhinology e.g. Fess, Skull base surgeries, Maxillectomy and out-patient management of Epistaxis . I Have had very good results with the product”

- Dr Sanjiv Badhwar, Mumbai, India – Consultant ENT headneck Surgery